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M. Borgard Singer Songwriter


vocals, guitar

M. Eibisch


electric guitar

T. Küchler


bass, vocals

S. Tophofen


keyboard, vocals

T. Ahlers


drums, percussion

The M.Borgard Band

In its music the M.Borgard Band combines the tale telling element of warm folk-pop music with catchy melodies. The inspiration for his emotional and authentic lyrics M.Borgard draws both from his own experience and partly from impressions of his surroundings and made-up stories.


Singer-/Songwriter M.Borgard has been performing on stages in and around Cologne since 2008. In 2012 he released his first album entitled "love, again". Eleven original songs about love, sorrow and joy.

In 2013 the German-born singer got together with four talented musicians to form the M.Borgard Band.


In its musical career of performing live, the M.Borgard Band has been asked to play as opening act by a bunch of famous and esteemed artists and bands, such as Sunset Sons, Gabriella Cilmi, The Night Game, The Lone Bellow, Luke Sital-Singh, Kristoffer and the harbour heads and many more...

After having had numerous performances on concerts and festivals since, the M.Borgard Band released its debut album as a group in 2015. The record is called "The light" and contains 15 elaborately composed songs.

On February 08 2020 the M.Borgard Band released its new EP entitled "Pineapple".

On it the group introduces four new songs (Panic, Defeat, Find me & Slow down) that show yet again that the band's music style cannot be generalised into just one genre but prove the artists' musical versatility.

All records "Pineapple",  "love, again" and "The light" are available on all major online downloading and  streaming platforms.

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